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Ordering should be easy, fast and therefore cost-effective? Score! We see it the same way. We can exchange information with you and our manufacturers completely digitally. And not only that. In "Electronic Data Interchange", EDI for short, communication between you and us is fully automated. This results in many advantages. When you don't have to enter an order manually, you achieve greater efficiency, you reduce costs, and you reduce sources of error. It has been proven that automated orders contain significantly fewer input and data errors than manual orders.


Another advantage: EDI enables us to supply you "just in time", exactly when you need the goods. This is a further cost saving, because unnecessary warehousing costs are eliminated. In short: we achieve even more quality in less time and at lower costs.


We have already convinced you? You would like to be EDI-connected? Then let's discuss the details. Once we have clarified the exact scope of your connection, our IT experts will discuss the technical details with you. As soon as the connection is up and running and has been successfully tested, there's nothing standing in the way of your first digital order. We can set up standard connections for you in just a few days. For individual requirements, we will work with you to develop the right solution.

Fill out the EDI sheet now and arrange a free consultation appointment with us!